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Frequently Asked Questions . . .

  1. Does this Policy cover Coronavirus/Covid-19 claims related?

  2. What is a Wedding Insurance Policy?

  3. How do I purchase a Policy?

  4. How do I amend my Wedding Insurance Policy?

  5. How can the premiums be paid?

  6. What is main difference between the various cover levels?

  7. Is there cover for rearrangement of our wedding in the policy?

  8. What types of losses are covered are covered by the policy?

  9. Will a Policy provide coverage if the weather forces us to postpone or relocate our wedding?

  10. If either of the Wedding Couple or a close relative falls ill or has an accident before the wedding, will the policy provide coverage?

  11. What happens if either of the Wedding Couple changes their mind before the wedding?

  12. How far in advance should I purchase my Policy for my wedding to be covered?

  13. Does my Policy cover weddings outside United Kingdom?

  14. Does my Policy provide any coverage for my honeymoon expenses?

  15. If we lose our wedding rings, are they covered?

  16. Is my engagement ring covered by my Policy?

  17. Does my Policy cover all wedding presents, including checks, gift certificates, etc.?

  18. What happens if our photographer does not show up and a replacement is not available?

  19. Are we covered if the photography is damaged or does not come out?

  20. What happens if the rented Wedding cars do not arrive on the morning of the wedding?/p>

  21. Am I covered if the Couples wedding attire is damaged before the wedding?

  22. Does a Policy have an excess?

  23. Whom do I call if I have to make a claim?

  24. How long does it normally take to resolve a claim?